I don’t know about you but when I get a day off, I need to relax and recharge.

My job is intense and it takes lot of energy over lots of hours.

I sort of wish that my passion for my work could be tempered a bit. But at least for now, I have to put in the sort of time that I do. Unfortunately, that also means getting pretty irregular days off. But when I do, they always start with a trip to the cannabis cafe. This is the very best way to start a day that is all about rest, relaxation and rebalance. I don’t do chores or shopping or any sort of adulting on my days off. Starting off the day at the cannabis cafe by myself is how I like to start things off. Normally, I meet friends and we enjoy good conversation and good company. But starting off the day at the cannabis cafe solo is important too. I like to get in there first thing and get that first batch of coffee. Watching the world wake up with the best coffee in town along with a little marijuana edible treat is how I like to do it. This marijuana business is owned by the folks who have the local cannabis spot just right around the corner. They take such great care with their business that it reminds me of how I feel about my work. So there is mad respect there. Still, there is just nothing like sitting under the big oak tree, coffee in hand while my mind just calms down and I can actually feel myself recenter.


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