We have been lucky since we’ve been out of college when it comes to being able to procure cannabis.

My wife and I have long enjoyed a bit of recreational marijuana.

Neither of us drink as we just don’t like the way the alcohol leaves us feeling. I hate hangovers and that is just something I don’t do. While we couldn’t exactly get recreational marijuana on demand, we had people who knew cannabis growers and that sustained us. Our state is still way behind when it comes to reforming the cannabis laws. We don’t even have legal medical marijuana in this state. That’s beyond ridiculous when more states have some legal cannabis that don’t. It’s time for our laws in this state to finally change to allow for both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. But until that happens, we are good to make a long weekend out of going to the nearest cannabis dispensary. The state nextdoor has legal recreational marijuana. My wife and I like to take the four hour trip but make it a weekend. There are great restaurants as well as some beautiful natural places where the cannabis is legal. We normally go down after work on Friday. There is a neat boutique hotel that we both just love. It’s the coolest and funkiest little place we’ve ever stayed. The rooms are perfect and we’re within walking distance of the local cannabis spot. The next day we just shop for marijuana for sale and then off to a nice dinner. Same thing on Sunday. We wrap it up with the trip back on Monday. It’s a great weekend and it’s great fun just being able to shop for marijuana for sale in a cannabis dispensary.


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