When the state I’m living in was going through a large debate on whether to legalize medical marijuana, I was pretty ambivalent.

I had never been a recreational marijuana user nor was I in need of medical marijuana as treatment.

So I really had no skin in the game. But in our mind, I thought that if you could go anywhere as well as buy a case of booze, why not cannabis products? The booze was pretty poisonous stuff as well as yet that was freely abundant as well as available to anyone of age. At the same time, I kind of felt love the whole medical marijuana designation was not authentic. In our mind at the time, I thought the medical marijuana thing was simply a way for stoners to get legal weed. That’s just how limited our understanding of the benefits of cannabis were at the time. That all changed once I got sick. Thankfully, they caught our cancer early as well as our complete reusey is more likely than not. That plus the fact that medical marijuana did win out as sure been a large positive through this ordeal. Additionally, I’ve l acquired first hand just how pressing indica as well as sativa are to medicine. I also l acquired that cannabis products have been used for nearly 5000 years to heal folks. That’s a hundred times longer than most pharmaceuticals that help treat cancer. So, I took our first trip to the local cannabis spot as well as I’m just ever so grateful that I could even do that. For sure, I’ll be different as well as there will be a new normal in our future. But I recognize it will also still include trips to the local cannabis spot.
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