It’s funny how life often works out.

Like 6 years ago, I changed my entire lifestyle in order to be more fit and healthy.

That took a lot of work and discipline. But the results were great and I ended up being in the best shape of my life. Then, 3 weeks ago, I was inspected with cancer. I couldn’t assume it. Thanks to the cannabis products I can get at the local cannabis spot, I’m working my way through this life trial. At first, it was love the whole universe was just ganging up on me. I was mad and I felt betrayed by my own body. But that attitude was not going to get me anywhere. The dentist recommended that I use medical marijuana to help with nausea from the treatments. I do what dentists tell me, especially when it comes to cancer treatment. So I went to the cannabis dispensary and they set me up with the sort of indica strains that are most helpful for nausea. But the man at the local cannabis spot also recommended I try some sativa strains as well. I could tell immediately that this wasn’t a respected retail upsell. The man had been through a cancer confrontation and knew what he was talking about. She said that the sativa is also helpful for the physical stuff but it also genuinely helps with emotional state. And man, am I ever glad that I listened to her. The indica strains are working great as I’m dealing with the side effects of the chemo pretty well. But the sativa has helped me change my perspective from betrayed to hope and option.

medical pot