I know that many of us are doing all we can to simply stay afloat.

When I started my career, nearly 30 years ago, it was all about getting the job done right.

Now, it’s just more like killing yourself to maybe get it all 80 percent right. That’s a tough thing to swallow for me. But that’s the way the culture as well as business has changed. There really just is so much to try and handle and it just never stops coming. This late in my career, I decided to listen to my son and try cannabis. I was a pretty square peg when I was in college. While lots of friends were out enjoying recreational marijuana, I was in the library. Not sure how that worked out. While I have an important job and make lots of money, I haven’t been happy in a long time. So much of my life has been sacrificed to my job. My wife is married to someone else and of all my children only my youngest son still talks to me. He was the one who invited me out to where he lives so we could go shopping for marijuana for sale. My son is also a workaholic but uses sativa strains for sale at the local cannabis spot to find a life balance. After just one try with the sativa strains, I can see why he does it. After consuming about a quarter of the cannabis edible he bought for me, it was as though a switch was flipped. Suddenly, I could feel the tension leave and it was replaced by a calm yet hopeful perspective. I’m going to be a regular at the cannabis dispensary back home.

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