People I was with as well as myself were fired from the radio station.

There was a good DJ task that I had to give up and now the position is far away from me.

I definitely have some strength like adoring to work on the graveyard shift. I am absolutely usual with songs as well as my radio choices. My only problem is absolutely not being able to fail a drug test. The two of us assume that drug tests are stupid is specially in the industry of the radio. Now when cannabis has to be legalized in various odd states. When I was first starting out in the early 80s there weren’t any people that cared at all if you were smoking marijuana outside or inside of the radio studio. It was undoubtedly proper to spark up couple of joints while playing a song by black sabbath. It was great to Listen to Purple haze. It is an odd World during this month though when cannabis dispensaries are built and More in addition to more companies are cracking down. It comes to the rules of insurance premiums as well as corporate law leading many business owners to potentially eliminate employees officially using cannabis. This is backwards to me because I do believe that cannabis can help make employees feel more calm and allow them to focus on all of their tasks. I will need to be more stringent about my use of marijuana at work now that I know that they are looking to get me out of the radio station.

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