The really hard thing about moving from a place you have lived your entire life is the adjustment.

I went from knowing an entire town like the back of my hand, to not knowing anything at all. Everywhere is confusing, and I constantly find myself reaching for my phone to figure out where I am at. Don’t even get me started on finding some of my favorite businesses and stores, it’s a catastrophe. It’s moments like this that make me wish that I had never moved. I start thinking about all of the good times I had when I was back in my old small town, and I start having regrets. However, I knew the move was the best choice for me, because I was getting a much nicer and better paying job, as well as I am now closer to my girlfriend. I know that I just need to adjust more. There is one nice benefit though, and that is the marijuana dispensary near me. You see, I am a recreational pot user, and in my old small town the only weed store was an hour away! This made it very difficult to get my cbd products and recreational cannabis. It didn’t help that while the recreational weed store offered delivery, they wouldn’t deliver to my address. I knew that I didn’t want to go without recreational marijuana, and so I endured the long drive. However, in this new town, there is a recreational pot store near me, only 5 minutes away.

marijuana dispensary near me