I was losing a lot of cannabis products due to theft, and here was the snag, I didn’t suppose if it was buyers or budtenders doing the stealing too! I put up cameras and still could not catch anyone in the act.

I finally called a marijuana consulting service to help me out.

I needed someone with know-how of cannabis, dispensaries and the inner laborings to give the complication another look around, however the cannabis consultant instantly told me the store wasn’t laid out respectfully, and apparently my shelving units were tall and bulky. They were perfect for concealing someone who wanted to steal off the shelves. The cannabis consultant showed me that there were obstructed areas from the cameras that was where all my theft was happening. After changing the shelving units with lower, all glass ones, I was in business. I also had a more open store. The place looked bigger and more inviting. It was easier to browse. The cameras were placed in other areas rather than just the corners of the store. The cannabis consultant even put one behind the currency register and right by the front door. The last step the marijuana company consultant did was hire a security guard for the front. I haven’t had any trouble with stealing since that morning. The marijauna consultant paid for themselves by stopping all the missing inventory. The store is doing better due to the new design as well. I never would have thought to change things around like they did. I even like having a security guard for added protection.

Cannabis consulting service