Pharmaceutical medications have been a literal lifeline to our mother who has a drastic case of Crohn’s Disease.

With the amazing prescription drugs that she has been prescribed by her physician, she has not only evaded death however has had a higher quality of life than she would separate from the drugs.

I remember times while in university and living at beach modern home where I would get beach modern home late from labor after classes and she’d be kneeling on her bedroom floor unable to move. It was seriously startling for myself and others because I feared the afternoon when I would return beach modern home and be unable to get her to respond at all. While she was fortunate to find pharmaceutical drugs that labor for her, I have a buddy with Crohn’s who hasn’t responded well to any of the major drugs on the market. Thankfully they have found much needed relief in medical marijuana instead. I think some people who use strong CBD products to help treat their epilepsy problems. My former boss used to keep his seizures at bay with a combination of high THC and high CBD products. If he couldn’t get his much needed cannabis medications, he would relapse and have seizures again. The benefits of medical marijuana are not exclusive to a handful of diseases and ailments. Some just need it for depression or anxiety symptoms. Other’s find that it helps them with social insecurities. I use cannabis for headaches and migraines personally. I don’t think what I would do if I couldn’t keep access to cannabis as it’s better than acetaminophen or ibuprofen for our head pain.


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