It took the two of us alone time before the two of us could really relax and spend time at a cafe.

This spot is a place where people in various of my friends like to hang out due to the music.

The cafe doesn’t have seeding but inside of the small building there is a home office as well as a bar. The people I was with as well as myself can go outside where there are tables as well as chairs on the patio. There are no walls and everything is set up with a stage near the center. 5 days during the week there is an undoubtedly nice location in which we can have beers in addition to chill out. It is easily convenient for all of us to get to our cannabis and smoke in the parking lot. The city is in an odd location for legal cannabis. Medical cannabis was easily legalized more than one years ago however recreational marijuana is undoubtedly still much of a gray area. The new law says that a person owning a property can grow up to several cannabis plants. Even recreational cannabis means that people can grow their own. Farming cannabis has to be part of your repertoire. When I actually go to a cafe, I roll up cannabis joints and never need to worry much about being in public at all. Most of the cannabis strains are really good and top-notch and I prefer to get them from this specific place instead of anywhere else.

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