The two of us went to see ladies dancing last evening as well as had a fantastic time.

The two of us had not been to a show such as this however the two of us found out that an outdoor Cafe was having a drag show night.

I took my wife as well as our two oldest kids to check out the place. All of the queen seem to be nice as well as playful in addition to fun. At a single point during the evening, one of the Queens grabbed my arms as well as dragged myself in addition to others up for the contest. Of course none of us can dance and there were at least 200 people staring at myself in addition to others. Thankfully I had a small joint of cannabis. I smoked the joint of cannabis earlier during the evening and the OG Kush gave me a mellow head and prepared me for an evening of fun. I regularly use cannabis when I am going out for an evening in public and the OG Kush did not make me feel nervous at all even when people were staring directly at me. The Cannabis products provided myself and others with a great deal of confidence and we even ended up dancing with a single of the drag queens. The Cannabis made my evening a whole lot more fun and took away some of the inhibitions that I probably would have started to know embarrassed about. I am normally reserved but with cannabis I had a night that I will never forget.


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