I was not happy when my dad got a new job, and I had to transfer out of my high school.

It was a major promotion that required him to move all the way across the country, so I had no say in the matter even though I hated the idea.

The new house was a lot bigger and nicer than our old one, but I missed all my friends. While exploring the property and the woods around the house, I discovered a very old but well-preserved tree house. It looked to be older than I was, but still very sturdy. I realized immediately this was the perfect place to smoke cannabis. When you own a home then you can smoke cannabis whenever you choose, but when you live in someone else’s house you have to find your own sanctuary. The smoke for marijuana is so pungent that I needed to be well away from my parents house before I dared to smoke it, so this treehouse was perfect. My folks didn’t even know it existed, so I could go there anytime I needed to smoke a little OG Kush. Since it was so sturdy and covered, I could hang out there and not worry about being in the direct sunlight or getting caught in the rain. Even when I wasn’t smoking cannabis I would still enjoy hanging out there, just because it was the only place in the world that felt like it was mine and mine alone. I still think of that old treehouse every time I get a fresh bag of cannabis.