Everyone of us don’t have access to medical marijuana but my kid does.

Everyone of us have had arthritis pains that were completely terrible and many of the OTC painkillers did not seem to effectively work.

My own kid provided all of us with some of the marijuana edibles. The Edibles really did not cover my pain however the Edibles left me feeling horrible with evening nightmares that were just as bad as anything that I have had in the past. I also felt like my face was going to easily collapse on itself. I told everyone that I was hoping THC would be enjoyable for me plus it did not help much at all with arthritis pain. She said that I should try these strong THC Edibles and I did not easily recognize this to be a problem. I spoke with many of my friends that had tried medical marijuana in the past. I was told that it could help to kill the pain. CBD was something in the edibles. Many medical professionals spoke to everyone of us about medical marijuana. We were told that CBD can actually help with the pain. It is also allowed for sleep in some people however basically worked like a hallucinogenic. I understand now why everyone of us were having unusual dreams at night that made it hard for us to sleep. Still, having the CBD as a pain reliever is the type of medicine that I prefer. My own daughter-in-law has found CBD Edibles as well and they work really well within an hour.

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