The national & global CBD crazes have shocked me to be completely honest.

When I started school, cannabinoids of any kind were still taboo for a lot of older folks. My Grandparents claimed to be progressive, but they were adamantly against any derivatives taken from the marijuana plant for any reason. They frequently voted against efforts to legalize medical cannabis within our home state. I never tried to convince them otherwise because I knew that it was no use. They were fairly adamant about their distrust & hatred for cannabis users, no matter the situation or context. As time went on, I think our Grandparents started to notice the cracks in this view point. They saw our brother the “stoner” graduate with honors from undergraduate university before going on to become a full time dentist. Everything changed when congress legalized hemp & CBD products as long as they maintain a THC level of below 0.3%. Suddenly all of their friends were now using CBD creams & balms to great effect getting rid of arthritis & joint pain. I thought hell hath frozen over when I heard about them trying CBD & becoming hooked by its benefits almost instantly. While they get their CBD from a local CBD store, I l gained that you can actually get CBD products from the local medical cannabis dispensaries. Most of them carry some form of CBD, even if it’s a product with more than 0.3% THC inside. Sometimes the best CBD products are “ratio” or half CBD, half THC & they can deliver you the benefits of THC without the raciness that sometimes comes with the high.

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