I saw an ad about a cannabis store the other day when I was over at my aunt’s house.

I was surprised that there was even a print ad for a cannabis store in the newspaper that she gets delivered every day, but there it was.

I never see newspapers anywhere at all except for my aunt’s house. She is the only person that I know who still gets a newspaper delivery and so whenever I want to read a newspaper, I always know that I just need to go over to her house. Anyway, on this particular day I was just there to visit and so I was hanging around in her kitchen. The newspaper was out on the kitchen table next to her coffee cup and right on the front page was a huge article and an ad for a new recreational cannabis store that is going to be opening up in our neighborhood soon. I guess there are a lot of community activists who are all for the cannabis store but a lot of people are against it, too. I think that having a recreational cannabis store will be really fantastic for the economic growth in our area and so I am excited about the fact that it is going to be coming to town. My aunt told me that she is excited about it too. That surprised me a little bit, but then again, my aunt used to be pretty wild back in the day whenever she was younger. I’m sure she used a whole lot of recreational marijuana back then!
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