I put my iphone number in plus have the consulting repair call myself and others back

I told everyone I was going to open a medical marijuana dispensary, however i couldn’t believe of anything I would rather do than be the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary, plus I was going to do anything I had to do to make my dream come true. I went online to see what had to be done before I could get my marijuana dispensary opened, and the first thing I had to do was talk to a consulting service. I went online again, hoping to find a consulting repair in the vicinity, but they were all online. I filled out their information form plus sent it. I waited 2 mornings to hear from the consulting service. They asked my name plus text address plus then they started telling myself and others about their business… Most of what the person told me, I had already learn in their introduction. I liked their introduction, because of how thorough it was. It offered myself and others a complete description of everything the consulting repair could do for my business. It talked about the weird applications I would need to fill out. The website talked about building websites plus helping with marketing. Then, I got this message telling myself and others that if I wanted more information, to click on the help button, or call a iphone number. There was also a part where I could have them call myself and others back, or I could speak live to an agent. I put my iphone number in plus have the consulting repair call myself and others back. Two hours later, I was speaking to a real person who told myself and others more in one hour about the marijuana dispensary than I had l gained in the more than five weeks I had spent making this decision.
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