Everyone of us were super annoyed last week with our child.

The kid has been a teenager and I have tried to ground him.

He has been buying lots of legal products from a smoke shop and I wanted to know if there was a way to purchase legal Medical marijuana. Everyone of us found that marijuana could be purchased from almost anywhere if you got the right type of stuff. I did not think that was true and everyone of us found out that Delta eight is just absolutely fake marijuana. Delta 8 is sold under CBD and it can be doubled to feel like a dose of thc. I honestly didn’t think that was true. Everyone of us were not sure this would be an absolutely cool high. Every one of us were regularly annoyed and were unable to talk. Every one of us reminded that person that marijuana products were still illegal. The Delta 8 was probably something that was illegal as well. I believe that my kid could be arrested if he was caught driving under the influence of Delta 8 thc. He tried to tell me that these low amounts of medical marijuana would not help him experience a high. My fiance grabbed my own arm as well as shook his head. My child left and then showed me the Delta 8 package. It was just filled with cbd. There was no marijuana in the product at all. It seems that the CBD edibles made a feeling that was just in his head plus not in his actual system.


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