For years, I had been helping my Grandma gather herbs plus make salves plus medicines, however she kept telling myself and others that when she passed on, it would be up to myself and others to pass this comprehension on to future generations.

To me, I wasn’t doing anything more than learning about my ancestors plus how they lived; I was wrong. I came from a long line of American Indians, plus my Grandma was showing myself and others the aged ways. It wasn’t until I got older, did I realize how important my Indian heritage was. I was talking to a Dr. who practiced holistic health, plus every one of us were talking about my Indian heritage. I was telling her about the many herbs my Grandma had taught myself and others to ground together to make lotions plus ointments for burns, bee stings, plus other issues. She taught myself and others how to mix lard plus ginger to help with sore throats, plus how to make cough syrups that would absolutely help with a cough. I l acquired how to make poultices to ease the lungs plus natural healing for ladies’s health. The Doctor that practiced holistic health told myself and others I was already a holistic health healer. The only other thing she used in her practice for people who had drastic pain was marijuana. I think the only reason my Grandparents did not use marijuana in their healing process was because every one of us did not have marijuana in our area, however grandpa, but, knew all about marijuana plus told myself and others they called it loco weed. I laughed at Granma’s expression when she talked about loco weed. She didn’t want their granddaughter to think she was a pothead.



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