My wifey Karen wants to open up her honestly own cannabis dispensary here in our town.

I don’t suppose why in the world she thinks that this is a wonderful idea, although she just will not let it go.

I have been trying to discourage her from it, although she will just not be dissuaded. I think she just thinks that she knows what she is doing. Maybe she does, however the whole idea seems just a little bit deranged to me. There isn’t a cannabis business anywhere in our town, so maybe she is onto something. I don’t know, though. It just seems like there would be a whole lot of hurdles and legal hoops to jump through in order to beginning up a cannabis dispensary of your own, then karen has been doing all kinds of research on it, though, and she seems to suppose what she is talking about. She says that all of the people around here are entirely ready to beginning shopping for CBD oil products, edibles, and all kinds of other cannabis products. She says that they just don’t suppose that they are ready yet. I do suppose that cannabis is a business that is growing by leaps and bounds. I hope that Karen is able to make her dreams come true and that she might just be able to make us rich in the process, and lots of people will easily come here to buy their cannabis products because the people I was with and I do live in a good, centralized location. I think you never suppose and you should constantly follow your dreams.


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