I could not know that the local pharmacy was actually selling CBD products and they were over the counter.

All of my family picked up the CBD Edibles plus wanted to know if we were buying them for each other. I honestly didn’t want anyone to use CBD and it seemed like the same to me as using thc. Everyone of us were not against legal medical marijuana plus the use of CBD although everyone of us knew there were certain age limitations before anyone could be prescribed a card for medical marijuana. CBD was much different because it was out in the open. It enticed many of us to try it. After my fiance took all of the men to the car plus left me to pay the bill, I decided to speak directly to the pharmacist. She was a friend of mine and I knew she would tell me the truth about the CBD Edibles in the basket. I handed them to my friend plus asked if they were the type of product that needed to be under a lock plus a key. The pharmacist told me that all of these items were not going to be anywhere that the children could get to them. This certainly made me feel much better, because I did not want to take any chances that my kids would be able to access legal CBD products that might make them feel the same as thc. I really didn’t want the kids to be in trouble and I was telling my friend all of this information so we knew that CBD was still legal.

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