My sibling plus I won tickets from the radio station.

The people I was with and I got to see a concert plus it was one of our favorite rock plus roll bands. The concert place was 2 hours away from home. The people I was with and I were listening to a station in the city when every one of us called for the tickets, but neither one of us thought every one of us would really be the 100th caller. My sibling plus I agreed to go to the concert together. It was held last Wednesday night. The people I was with and I took my sibling’s car, because she has air conditioning plus I do not. My sibling drove the whole way there, however I drove the whole way home. The concert was a lot of fun plus the band was surprisingly great live. Sometimes rock plus roll bands are not entirely great live. There was quite a commotion in the middle of the hour set. I sat down plus waited for my sibling to come back with beers. I witnessed the security guard come to the aisle at the other end plus she pulled someone out of their seat. The woman had been smoking marijuana plus there were at least a hundred signs all over the place that said no smoking marijuana inside of the building. The officer escorted the woman out of the building plus I did not see him again. She never returned to her seat. I assume they kicked him out for using marijuana products at the concert site. When my sibling came back with the beers, I told him all about the commotion that went down while she was gone.

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