I used to love going to the beach for a few hours just to relax and enjoy the sunshine, but lately I haven’t had time to do anything outside of my work life.

I’m lucky to find the time just to visit the gym to exercise and workout.

My dwindling mental health is testament to these stressors and what they’re doing to my mind on an ongoing basis. I don’t feel any passion from anything in life these days. It almost feels like non-stop worrying about one issue or another. I live paycheck to paycheck and feel horrible for it, but then I talk to my friends and discover they’re going through similar issues and feel as helpless as I do. Commiserating with people you love and respect is extremely cathartic with the level of pain I experience from the uncertainty and fear. I finally decided to plan a trip out to the beach for a nice Saturday afternoon hoping that it would reset my brain from a mental health perspective. Unlike the people who bring six packs of beer to the beach to get tipsy or drunk while they soak in the sunlight, I prefer to bring pre-rolled joints with me to the beach. Usually I roll my own joints but decided to try some of the pre-rolled joints of cannabis flower products that I saw at one of the local dispensaries while I was there yesterday. The tube came with three joints and I won’t forget how harsh the first one tasted upon initial inhale. Just for curiosity’s sake, I dismantled one of the joints to discover weed that looked worse than floor trimmings. You have to be wary sometimes of what ends up in the pre-rolled joints at the cannabis dispensary, because usually it’s “leftovers” or even worse.


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