I really enjoy our job at the marijuana dispensary, however many afternoons are pretty boring.

I tend to do the same things afternoon after afternoon.

It’s usually the same people who come to the shop, however other than a rep from a weed company every once in a while, I usually greet the same faces every single afternoon. I was quite shocked as well as surprised by a guy that came into the weed dispensary earlier this month for the entirely first time. The guy must have been close to 7 ft tall. One of the security guards asked that guy how tall he was, although I could not hear his answer because I was in the back of the store. The guy was taller than any of the other customers by at least a foot, he was entirely skinny as well as lanky. He did not look like he was a basketball player. The guy was a first time marijuana patient, and Cathy sat down with him for a few hours as well as they talked about all of the unusual marijuana supplies as well as how each of them can be beneficial to the body. The guy purchased some edibles as well as some cannabis oil, and after he left the store, I got his name from the receipt on the order as well as I looked him up on Google. I thought the guy had to be someone famous, you cannot be 7 ft tall as well as have no other qualities. I searched all over for the guy as well as I could not find any information at all. The dude was like a ghost in the machine. He did not exist at all, however Cathy and I saw him in the marijuana dispensary this week.

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