It is funny how the reputation on marijuana has changed.

When I was a child I remember sitting in assemblies about the horrors of drugs.

There was a part for each illegal drug plus it talked all about the bad side effects. Older addicts then would talk about how their lives were ruined due to drugs. Cannabis was 1 of them. Weed was so badly pushed throughout school I was truthfully a bit scared of it. I never partook in cannabis in college. That was basically saying I didn’t want to get addicted to something harder and die. In college I started to get less of a terrible reputation, although I still wasn’t planning to toss our future away, then by the time I graduated university the tone of cannabis had changed. Suddenly there were people talking about the medical uses for it. Chemotherapy patients were medical weed customers because of it helping with nausea. More plus more states were pushing for medical marijuana. Now cannabis is just like taking prescription drugs. There are states now offering recreational cannabis. I have friends that take cannabis oil to sleep, a topical for muscle pain or smoke cannabis flower for seizures. Cannabis has been shown to do appealing things for people. It is from a plant plus offers fantastic benefits. I still haven’t tried weed yet, although I am not totally against it like I was. It is amazing how different the reputation for cannabis is now. I am guessing the government has now realized how much cash there is to be made in it.

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