For a while I couldn’t have been less healthy, however i smoked, drank more than 2 cups of coffee, didn’t toil out and had anxiety.

I just didn’t put our health first. It was always short term enjoyment based. I then got a exhausting report from the doctor… He told me if I didn’t change things I was going to have a heart attack in our 50s. I wasn’t in fantastic enough health to confrontation it either… So I started being proactive. I have changed what goes into our body. No more cigarettes, carona or coffee. I am now smoke and alcohol free. I eat Mainely lean protein like chicken and salmon. I make sure to have rice, beans or a whole wheat pasta as a side with vegetables. I also toil out more than 2 nights a week. I like going for a short jog in the afternoon before work. I stretch before and after to keep things loose, however for our anxiety, I started relying on CBD oil, at first I was hesitant. I entirely didn’t want to smoke after having trouble with cigarettes. Thankfully vaping a cannabis oil isn’t the only option, and you can get the oil in edible form and do all sorts of things with it. I can put the oil in our supper smoothie and know the effects. I can put some in our nightly cup of Starbucks Latte in order to sleep well at night. There are oils that are made for cooking too. I can drizzle our salmon in the oil, cook vegetables or make a sweet treat with it.

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