When our mother started having pain in her body from arthritis plus getting leg cramps at night, I pushed her to try medical marijuana, at first our mother tried eating gin soaked raisins, icy hot, a heating pad, ice, all of those things.

None of those remedies did the job right.

She didn’t want to go to the doctor plus get medication. So medical weed was nice in between. I assume our mother thought she was going to need to smoke a bong plus get high… For chronic pain, you don’t have to do that! You can take a pure CBD oil to reduce the inflammation in your body. You also can do a topical. That is what her doctor told her. Now our mother uses a cannabis infused cream every day plus night. There is a more powerful cream for her arthritis than the leg cramps. They both work so great though. My mother says it feels like putting a more powerful icy hot on her body. It smells much cleaner plus doesn’t leave a sticky film either. My mother prefers how portable it is. The creams are quite tiny plus she can stick them in a money clip if she does overnight somewhere. It is so straight-forward to move around with it. Since she is a medical cannabis patient she can take it with her when she does the snowbird thing. She has never needed to show her card however. It is not like there are police dogs looking for small creams with no THC amount in them. My mother doesn’t get any of those cannabis effects since it doesn’t even get into her bloodstream. It just tingles in the area.
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