For the last fifteen years, I have spent every day of my life worrying.

It doesn’t matter what happens; I obsess over what could have happened.

Last week, my mother-in-law moved in with us, and had it not been for the medical cannabis, I would have lost my cool. She has dementia, and she tried to go into the basement. All I could see was her tumbling down the steps. My anxieties were through the roof, which was the reason for my worrying. I got frustrated and pushed her away from the door and locked it. I wasn’t sure what to do when she yelled at myself and others for kidnapping her and holding her hostage. I was absolutely frustrated when she tried to call 911 and report myself and others to the police. If I hadn’t had my medical marijuana to calm myself and others down, I may have done more than raised my voice. I stayed calm and assured her I was only trying to keep her safe, and she slapped me. My initial reaction was to hold her hand back, although I was afraid of hurting her. She got through her tantrum soon after that, but it left myself and others frustrated. I took hit on my medical marijuana vape pen and hid in the powder room for about fifteen thirds; leaving my hubby to deal with her. She gave myself and others a hug when she got her back to bed, but it petrified myself and others of how anxious I became when she yelled and tried to slap me. I’m trying to be patient, but it isn’t laboring. I can only hope my medical marijuana continues laboring and helping myself and others to keep my anxieties in check.

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