Sometimes everyone laughs and everyone cries.

My partner and I found out there was no emotion in laughing and crying when every one of us tried medical marijuana. Every one of us knew absolutely little about medical marijuana and, for some reason; every one of us thought it would differ from street marijuana. Trust myself and others when I say that the greatest difference is that medical marijuana is safer. Every one of us started out with the higher dose of medical marijuana suggested! By the end of the evening, every one of us were laughing at everything and everyone. The laughter turned to tears and every one of us could not control ourselves. Every one of us fell asleep with cramps in our sides from laughter, and still high. The next afternoon, our partner study the label on the package of medical marijuana. There was a caution about how much you started using. Every one of us should have study the label, because every one of us would have gone by their recommendations and not used almost various times what every one of us did. The next time every one of us used medical marijuana for sleep problems, every one of us planned on starting at the highest dose every one of us would use the lower dose. Medical marijuana easily has the same potency as street marijuana! Laughing until every one of us cried was therapeutic. Every one of us got out all of our aggressions with each other and l acquired a lot… Without the medical marijuana, every one of us would have been fighting and trying to each other with our words. Every one of us got medical marijuana for insomnia, but it was so much more.

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