I need website solutions for cannabis dispensaries.

My cannabis dispensary is struggling; I just don’t know what more to do.

I can’t seem to get people walking into the doorway. I know I have a great business. I have hired highly qualified budtenders. I make sure they get training and have the comprehension of what they are selling. I have locally grown products of the highest quality. I have a wide selection of products, however you can buy oil, flowers, edibles, tinctures and topicals all in our store. I have it set up nice, wash and offer a vape lounge for those who want to test out products. I know our complication is advertising. I know nobody knows about our business. A fellow competitor commanded that I get on social media to advertise deals, however he then mentioned I could link the deals to our company website, however well I don’t have a company website. I know that might be hindering me. I know certain cannabis stores offer curbside pickup and delivery. If you want curbside choice up, you would need to call ahead. How would they find our phone number though? It occured to myself and others that I am missing out on pressing clients simply because I am intimidated about making a website, and thankfully there are professionals out there that make great websites for cannabis dispensaries. I just need to find these individuals and hire them. I am hopeful that once I have a great website, our corporation will start to increase a bit.

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