I was aggravated when I walked into the medical marijuana dispensary, and i didn’t want medical cannabis; I wanted medical marijuana; The guy behind the counter looked at myself and others oddly and told myself and others they were the same things.

I told him our ID card said it was meant for medical marijuana patients.

I had study all about medical marijuana in the state’s regulations, and there was nowhere that talked about cannabis. He showed in their directory where cannabis and marijuana were often interchanged. He may not have realized it, even though I was almost eighty years old. I didn’t want to be duped by him and talked down to. I told him how I was feeling at the moment, and he apologized. He called another gentleman over who introduced himself as the dispensary pharmacist. The first young guy had already told him about our aggravated over receiving cannabis instead of medical marijuana. He assured myself and others they were the same thing! Cannabis was the scientific name for the plant! Marijuana is a name it gained quite awhile ago, and it stuck. I still wasn’t convinced, even though I told him why I wanted medical marijuana, and he said he had all the information from the state. He was able to help myself and others get the right products, just by swiping our card, however all our information came up on the computer. He showed myself and others the unusual marijuana products he had in stock and told myself and others how much THC and CBD each had in them. He thought I needed a higher CBD than THC. He knew they lost myself and others with the initials and explained them as simply as he could.


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