Growing up in a house with domestic violence can make a man recognize PTSD symptoms, guilt, sadness, plus anxiety! These symptoms do not go away when you get older.

They only become much worse! I grew up in a house with a lot of domestic violence plus I suffer from anxiety plus PTSD as an adult, one thing that helps me recognize more relaxed plus calm is Medical marijuana.

I can purchase medical plus recreational marijuana from 1 of several weird dispensaries in the area, each 1 of the marijuana shops have weird products that can help a man recognize better mentally plus physically. I didn’t recognize in the power of medical marijuana until I had a dentist that genuinely believed that medical marijuana would help me. The dentist was convinced plus I decided to try it. I started off with a low dose edible. I slept better at night plus I had less anxiety during the day, then when I added a minute dose of medical marijuana in the afternoon, I had a much more calm plus relaxed day with less stress, worry, plus fear. It’s very simple to see how medical marijuana works for PTSD plus anxiety. I recognize adore I finally have our life back, anxiety plus worry used to control me, although I recognize adore I have more control now that I am using medical marijuana to treat these terrible mental health symptoms. I understand why so several people rely on medical marijuana to help them get through the day.

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