Ever since the dentist serviced me with fibromyalgia, I have been having a hard time.

Unluckyly, I was a single of the lucky a singles to have the symptoms & the diagnosis, & was looking for something to ease the pain. A friend told me I should try medical marijuana, however she had been using medical marijuana for almost many years. The only complaint she had was the cost of medical marijuana, but everything else was rave reviews. Her pain had subsided, & she was living a normal life again. I knew I would be ecstatic with a sufficient facsimile of what our life used to be. I called the dentist our friend used to get her medical marijuana ID card, & made an appointment. I had to spend our savings up front, but that was okay. If I had half the success our friend had, it would be worth any amount of cash I had to pay. I had been sullen for weeks, & our husband & I were having marriage concerns. My depression, that was caused by chronic pain, was worsening & ruining our marriage, but once I went to the dentist, it was a matter of many short weeks before I got our card. Less than a month later, I wasn’t pain free, but I was getting relief from the pain. My mental attitude changed with the use of medical marijuana, which I was sure was because of lack of pain. I wasn’t sure if our marriage would be the same again, but I will do whatever I can to turn things around.

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