I was regularly a single of people that never believed we should be using cannabis. I regularly believe that cannabis was the type of drugs that led to other worse drugs and the people I was with and myself were regularly against people being able to use it. I had never tried it at all but I still did not want it to be legalized. One single afternoon, I was in a tragic accident plus the injury has caused a lot of chronic pain. Chronic pain is an issue that plagues a lot of people. For a year after the accident, I had to deal with chronic pain. It was not regularly something that I was used to dealing with so I had to take some prescription drugs. I researched all of the prescription drugs plus found out that they were very habit for me. Medical weed is not at all like that. Medical weed does not have side effects from other prescription drugs. I began to have medical cannabis for stress relief and pain that I was excruciating. When I had to get relief from some of the pain that I was regularly experiencing, medical marijuana delivered me no side effects and entirely helped me with chronic pain issues. It is true that some cannabis products absolutely taste better than others. I’ve gone to the medical cannabis shop and I regularly try out different current products. I love the different cannabis edible products plus I believe that they have a great amount of medical marijuana as well.


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