I frequently have to travel for work, but sometimes I am gone for 2 or more than two days and periodically I have to be gone for a week or 2. I rack up a lot of frequent flyer miles. I can take our family somewhere that I want to go for entirely free. Every one of us haven’t paid for a flight in years. Sometimes traveling can get to me. I get cranky, tired, and irritable when I have been flying in and out of strange time zones. When I am in a state that allows recreational marijuana sales, I usually try to go to a dispensary so I can get a couple of marijuana joints. I frequently visit states that allow recreational marijuana sales. Three of our biggest offices are on the west coast. Recreational marijuana is legal in every state on the west coast. Everywhere you go, There is advertising for marijuana. Marijuana advertising is on billboards, magazines, online, and even in the airport shuttle bus; Last time I traveled to the West coast, I flew to an airport that was not proper to me. I got a cheaper rate to fly into the smaller airport and I did not mind driving 45 minutes to the city. The airport shuttle took me to the car rental area. Inside of the airport shuttle there were lots of advertisements for local dealers on the walls and the windows. Some of those local dealers were clothing shops, electronic stores, and clothing boutiques. Some of the advertisements were from marijuana shops close by. It is undoubtedly strange and unusual to see advertisements for marijuana even after all this time.

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