I am very fortunate to have a very large and modern cannabis dispensary just a few miles from my house.

The dispensary caters to MMJ cardholders as well as adults 21+ for recreational use.

They are open seven days of the week from 8 in the morning until 8 PM. There are glass display cases where customers can clearly see the quality of the flower. It’s helpful to be able to compare colors and examine the pistils and trichomes. There are all different types of pre-rolls sold in singles and packs, infused and non-infused, with cheaper options filled with options and premium joints filled with top-shelf bud. The dispensary sells disposable and refillable vape carts, cannabis-infused topicals and tinctures. The on-site bakery creates fresh and delicious edibles such as brownies, cookies, chocolates and gummies. I am a fan of the beverages, including cannabeer, mocktails, lemonade, tonics and colas. The collection of concentrates is really impressive. They offer shatters, diamonds, live sauces, resin, hash, kief, badders and waxes. As part of the complex, there is a vape lounge, dab lounge and a cultivation facility. The amenities include free parking and delivery. Although I can easily ride my bike to the dispensary, I love taking advantage of cannabis delivery. Nothing is more convenient than to have my purchases show up at my door. I can go online and check the deal of the day. I get email alerts when they offer new products. With a few clicks of the mouse, I can add items to my cart, pay and set up a delivery time.


recreational cannabis delivery