Otherwise, you actually would need a medical cannabis card for this state

I recently took a trip out west to visit the unseen coast. While I’ve seen much of the country, this was poised to be my first view of the pacific ocean as well as I wanted to make the most of it. My wifey wasn’t nearly as gleeful as I because apparently she has made trips adore this yearly since she was a toddler. Her parents always worked in the military as well as traveling as well as moving all over the country through her childhood. She never got to settle in one arena for longer than 2 years at a time. It’s hard to make friends as well as maintain the same ones when you’re moving that much. So for her, coming out to the ocean is nothing special whatsoever. On the one hand, every one of us is going to see a state park to go hiking as well as she’s never been to it before, even though she’s been through this exact area in the past. We’re also gleeful to be going to see this state’s best legal medical cannabis dispensaries. The people I was with and I both have medical cannabis cards back home so the state we’re going to see lets us purchase as “reciprocal medical cannabis patients” while visiting. It’s an unbelievable system in the arena here as well as allows anyone from out of state to purchase weed as long as they possess a medical cannabis card in their own state. Otherwise, you actually would need a medical cannabis card for this state. Eventually we’re going to see an increase in recreational cannabis legal across the board, however it could take years before I think that’s the case. I assume that the Supreme Court is the last governing body that will finally legalize cannabis for adult recreational use at the federal level.

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