My wife and I were out of town for a couple of days and we stayed in a hotel.

We planned to go to the aquarium and the museum while we were in the city and we were going to see a show at the theater. We arrived at our hotel on Friday night and we grabbed some dinner and went back to the room. We looked for something to watch on tv, but there were no movies playing. Both of us fell asleep very early. I woke up a little bit before midnight and I felt like I was wide awake. My wife was moving around too, so I suggested we get up and go for a walk. I saw a marijuana dispensary that was open until 1:00 in the morning and it was only eight blocks away from the hotel. I talked my wife into walking down there with me. We left the hotel at midnight and the weed shop was still open when we arrived. The recreational and medical marijuana dispensary was the size of a pharmacy. Inside the building, there were lots of different marijuana products. My wife and I went directly to the area of the store with edibles. My wife picked out two packages of edibles. One was a gummy candy that had the flavor of strawberry and the other was a hard candy with the flavor of grape. I also picked out a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints. I smoked one of the pre-rolled marijuana joints on their walk back to the hotel. My wife had a couple of hits, but I was stoned by the time we got back to the hotel.


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