My dad suffers from anxiety. He is the kind of person who is not certain when he is anxious though, then when his anxiety got really horrible, he was having trouble driving to work. Then our family got involved; My mother instantly took him to the doctor. The whole experience was horrible. He had to wait over an hour to see a doctor that refused to provide him pills separate from a prostate exam. Then the pills had some pretty bad side effects. My dad wasn’t really great about getting his pills either. He would frequently forget to refill the prescription, opportunity it up or call it in. More often than not our father was off his pills, and every year when the prescription was up, he would dread going to the doctor. It wasn’t finally working at all for him. So I started doing some hunting. I found that medical cannabis was a better solution for him. That doctor’s visit took maybe 5 minutes and required only talking. Then our father got a medical cannabis card in the mail after paying a small amount. He has a prescription for a certain amount of cannabis oil each week. He can grab it from the cannabis dispensary anytime he wants or have it delivered on a weekly basis home. He can vape the cannabis oil when he is at work since he works outside. My dad is always on his cannabis now plus has shown fantastic improvement, refilling his prescription isn’t a sizable hassle either. My father doesn’t dread that stop.
Blue dream