First thing this morning I went to the gas station.

Because the storm is supposed to hit the area tomorrow, there was a huge line of cars waiting for gas.

After that I went to the grocery store, where there was also a huge line! When a hurricane this ugly starts getting close, everyone runs out to gather supplies. After finishing at the grocery store, I walked next door to the liquor store and loaded up on beer and bourbon. Finally, I went to the cannabis dispensary, and found the longest line of the day! It seems that everyone had the same idea, which was to load up on cannabis in case the storm wipes us all out. Normally the wait time at the cannabis dispensary is no more than 15 to 20 minutes, but today I had to wait for almost an hour. There are a lot of rules and regulations from the state about the operation of a legal cannabis dispensary. Basically they put a ton of extra restrictions on these businesses because they are still butthurt about losing the vote for cannabis legalization. The stodgy old politicians who run the state were adamantly opposed to cannabis reform, but the voters overruled them! It’s times like this that I love democracy. The new laws state that only 6 customers can be inside the cannabis dispensary at once, which is why the wait time is so long! After about an hour I finally got inside the cannabis dispensary and stocked up on all the storm supplies I need for the coming week.