We took recreational marijuana supplies with us.

My girlfriend listens to the radio every day at work. Sometimes there are contests on the radio for prizes like concert tickets and shows. Last weekend there was a radio contest for tickets to a monster truck show downtown at the fairgrounds. I told my girlfriend to call the radio contest if she had the chance. I was going to try to call from my job as well, but I did not know if I was going to miss my opportunity. I knew that my girlfriend would be listening to the radio all day and it would be easier for her to make the call. There was a drawing for Monster Truck Show tickets in the morning but we missed that all together. Neither one of us was up at 7:00. The next drawing was at lunch. My girlfriend called 13 times and she was the 90th caller and the 92nd caller, but she wasn’t the 91st caller. We were so close and I was beginning to lose faith. When the 5:00 hour arrived, both of us were listening to the radio on our way home from work. My girlfriend made the call from both of my phones. She got through on my phone and we ended up being the caller that one tickets to the monster truck show. My girlfriend and I and two of our friends went to the fairgrounds to watch the show. We took recreational marijuana supplies with us. We smoked marijuana in the parking lot before the show. We smoked recreational marijuana after the monster truck show too. We were super high for a long time.