There is a huge sign next to the boxes that states that all sales are final

There are lots of different marijuana concentrate products at the dispensary. All of the products are individually wrapped in paper, plastic, or glass packages. Some of the packages are see-through and some of the marijuana concentrate products are made of cardboard with pictures and images on the outside. The marijuana concentrate inside of the package cannot be visually seen. If customers want to see the inside of the package, we will remove the concentrate. After the concentrate has been removed, it is no longer available for resale to anyone other than that customer. Those products go into a huge container and at the end of the month we have a sale. All of the products in that box are 20% off, because they don’t have their original packaging. A customer came to the marijuana dispensary and purchased several items out of the box. The guy also purchased some products out of our half price clearance section. These are items that have already expired or passed their shelf life. We offer those items at 50% savings. All sales on these open products are final and they cannot be returned for any reason. There is a huge sign next to the boxes that states that all sales are final. We still had a customer that was upset with the product that he selected from a 50% off clearance section. The customer came back to the store and wanted to return the concentrate product, but that manager was unable to take the product back to our inventory. The best she could do was give the customer 20% off his next in store purchase.