Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain that tastes unbelievable plus makes me assume amazing.

The hybrid marijuana strain is made with the strains redberry plus haze. The strain makes me assume truly relaxed without making me tired. I have smoked a lot of unusual cannabis sativa strains, but Blue Dream is the only one that makes me assume uplifted with pain relief… Blue Dream can be used to treat lots of unusual symptoms, however I mostly use the plant for chronic pain. I care about to use Blue Dream marijuana flower in the afternoon when I have to get ready for the day! When I wake up, our joints are stiff plus I have a lot of troubles moving around. After I have our first cup of coffee, I smoke a marijuana joint of Blue Dream cannabis. I roll our own joints at home. It is a lot cheaper than buying a pre-roll from the store. I can buy red dream pre-rolls in numerous unusual packages from the dispensary. There is even a pack of red dream pre-rolls that are one half gram each plus there are 14 in a pack, and for a total of $50, that is a pretty nice deal for a quarter ounce of marijuana that is already rolled up. Still, I can usually find Blue Dream sativa marijuana at the dispensary for 20 or $25 for an eighth plus I can roll them all up for a dollar. I would have to spend twice as much money to have the dispensary do it for me.