When I wanted to open a cannabis dispensary I was overwhelmed by all the paperwork involved, however i needed to fill out an LLC, get a supplier license, and pay for things like zoning, permits, etc… There were a lot of things that I had little knowledge of. I also didn’t realize how strict medical and recreational cannabis laws were. I was seriously distraught about owning a cannabis dispensary and operating illegally, and a friend in the cannabis industry advised hiring a cannabis consulting service. Apparently they can handle the legal side of things, the paperwork, product labels and zoning troubles. Another portion of recreational cannabis consulting is that they also can help with running the day to day of a cannabis dispensary. If you need help with hiring, finding a grower, layout, security, etcThe recreational marijuana consultant can do it all. I wanted help just on the initial start. I needed someone to help me get all my ducks in order so that I could legally operate. I knew the building I wanted, I had a grower, I had my labels and my team ready to work. I just needed someone to assist me with getting the supplier legal and running. It made the whole cannabis process less stressful. It was easily nice having a cannabis supplier consultant checking my work. They suppose the field and have opened tons of dispensaries. They had my back. I was no longer distraught about missing a deadline, acquiring a nice or possibly being in serious hot water.

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