It took me a long time to find a medicine that is right for me, one that will help ease my pain. It took several doctors and different recommendations before I finally found the solution to my problems, and most likely it is not the kind of medicine you are thinking of. I use medical marijuana to help ease my chronic pain. I would have never found that medical cannabis helps me if it wasn’t for the fact that I had an awesome doctor willing to give it a chance. A doctor that didn’t shy away from the medical benefits that marijuana has to offer. There are different methods of using marijuana that also helped ease my pain, but I found that cannabis edibles are right for me. My doctor recommended marijuana edibles to me, and they worked out perfectly. I still remember the first time I went to the recreational marijuana dispensary near me, I was so nervous! I had never seen a recreational weed store near me before, much less been in one! When I arrived, I was surprised to see it looked like any other average building, and that the parking lot had a decent amount of people in it. When I walked into the recreational cannabis dispensary near me, I expected judgemental looks, however I was greeted like I was a long lost friend. All and all it was a positive experience, and it really opened my eyes to how judgmental some people can be without ever getting to know marijuana and marijuana dispensaries for themselves.


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