My partner offered blood a few months ago and discovered that she has high blood pressure.

This rattled both of us since the boys in her family tend to die young.

The two of us have been really proactive about making him healthy, then i started researching foods for nice heart health… She only gets chicken, vegetables, fruits, rice and quinoa for lunch now. I don’t let him have anything salty, sugary or fattening anymore. My partner works out 5 days a month now. She does a light kickboxing workout and a nice stretch. She also has inspected her mental health. I assume that is the greatest contributing factor to her blood pressure. Work stresses him out. She tried meditating, listening to songs and talking it out. The best fix for her stress was vaping cannabis oil though. She now vapes right before the labor day and takes a few hits at lunch. She doesn’t like that she is a medical weed patient however hopefully it is temporary. Thankfully her job allows him to labor from home too, so she doesn’t need to sneak out of the office to smoke her marijuana. She can discreetly smoke it at her desk and nobody at labor knows she is relying on weed. Medical cannabis really has been helping. She monitors her blood pressure weekly and has seen a slight decrease in it. We are hopeful that all of these things are going to make him healthy. She is eating right, working out difficult and calming her mind. What more can she do?



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