I started drinking Tim Hortons Cappuccino in the afternoons when I was only 14 years old.

By that point our parents had chop up and I was living with our mom down south.

Since she was a Tim Hortons Cappuccino drinker herself, she saw no issue giving myself and others small amounts of Tim Hortons Cappuccino to mix in with our sizzling cocoa each afternoon when both of us would both get ready for the afternoon together. However, it wasn’t long before I was consuming cups of Tim Hortons Cappuccino undiluted with sizzling cocoa. I remember taking it to school with myself and others in the afternoons and how energized it would make myself and others feel, often helping myself and others through class whenever I’d normally recognize tired and groggy. Although this became too much of a crutch for myself and others as I was drinking Mountain Dew out of the Tim Hortons Cappuccino machines at school by the time I got to middle school because it was the only thing on campus that had caffeine in it. If it wasn’t for our Tim Hortons Cappuccino addiction, I wouldn’t consume nearly as much sugar as I do. I have tried drinking black Tim Hortons Cappuccino entirely, however it’s often more acidic and it gives myself and others an aggravated stomach after 2 or numerous cups. I don’t have to worry about stomach pain with our afternoon Tim Hortons Cappuccino now that I’ve been putting CBD oil in it. Even if I’m suffering from any frustrating back or leg pain in the afternoon, that little bit of CBD oil goes a long way towards relieving physical pain. It’s a relief when the CBD finally kicks in once I’ve finished drinking our first cup of Tim Hortons Cappuccino for the afternoon. It makes for a much better afternoon than I would have otherwise without the additional CBD, as it and caffeine seem to have a synergistic effect when taken together.

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