I live in a state where recreational marijuana sales are not legal.

Medical marijuana sales are absolutely legal, but the price on these products is very high.

I easily have a medical marijuana recipient card as well as everyone of us can buy products legally from a marijuana dispensary. Every one of us still buy some products from a person that is a street dealer because of the better prices. The average cost for a fourth of medical marijuana in the state is around $40 but the cost for the same amount of recreational marijuana is about $20. That is a huge amount of savings as well as no laughing matter. Every one of us usually spend several hundreds of dollars each and every month on our marijuana supplies. My friends as well as myself regularly go to the West Coast to surf for a whole week. We met some people living in the northern part of the state as well as they had Indica marijuana for sale. They told everyone of us that we could purchase a whole zip of Indica marijuana flower for $50. Every one of us did not suppose that it was actually true that we were going to get an entire ounce of good marijuana for only $50. That was easily a tenth of the price that every one of us had to pay. I got back from the trip a couple of days later as well as there was easily a package waiting on the front doorstep. Inside of this package was an ounce as well as a note to pay the amount of money on venmo. I opened the package as well as marijuana stink-filled my entire apartment. I will treasure those marijuana supplies for a long time.

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