In the state where I live, recreational marijuana is not legal. Medical marijuana sales are legal, but the price on products is still very high. I have a medical marijuana card and I can legally buy products from the dispensary. I still buy items from a street dealer, because I get a much better price. The average cost for an eighth of medical marijuana in the state is around $40. The average cost for an ace of recreational marijuana is around $20. 50% savings is no joke, especially if you spend several hundreds of dollars each month on medical marijuana supplies. My friends and I went to the West Coast to go surfing for a week. We met some guys that live in Northern California and they had Indica marijuana for sale. They told me that I could get a whole ounce of Indica marijuana for only $50. I didn’t think there was any way at all that I could really get an ounce of marijuana for $50. After all, that was about 1/10 the price that I was paying. I got home from my trip to California a couple of days later and there was a package waiting for me on the front stoop of my door. Inside of the package was an ounce of marijuana flower and a note to pay on venmo. I opened up the package of marijuana and the smell filled my entire apartment. I am going to treasure that marijuana for as long as I can and save a bunch of money in the meantime.

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