My little brother is a senior in high school.

My mom and dad thought they were going to be done having kids and then my brother was born. I wasn’t there a lot when he was growing up because I was much older. I was already in high school by the time that he was going to school and I didn’t want to hang out with a little kid. After college I moved about 2 hours away from my mom and dad. I went back to visit every weekend and my little brother and I grew very close. We had a good relationship. While I was there last year for Christmas, I decided to leave some of my medical marijuana with jack. I use medical marijuana for anxiety attacks. I have a lot of anxiety attacks and even over-the-counter and prescription medications don’t seem to help much. Medical marijuana does help. When I feel like I am going to be in a situation where I will feel a lot of anxiety, I try to medicate ahead of time with marijuana. I use edibles, dried marijuana flower, and a marijuana vape pen. I had a half gram Indica marijuana vape pen with me during the Christmas holidays and I left the medical marijuana vape pen with my brother when I left. We vaped together once while he was there and it really helped him sleep a lot better. There was only a little bit of the medical marijuana vape pen left when I was done with vacation.


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