Mom had a lot of health issues, and I often approached her about medical marijuana.

Her hands were gnarled from arthritis and I could tell she was in extreme pain.

She would blow me off and tell me she didn’t need medical marijuana, and she was okay. I knew differently, because I watched steadily going downhill over the last year. Her pain was becoming debilitating, and she was barely walking. One afternoon, she came into my bedroom and asked if I thought she was eligible to get medical marijuana. I pulled up the state’s website for medical marijuana and we read the list of conditions that would make eligible. One condition at the top of the list was rheumatoid arthritis. I convinced her to go to the doctor’s and see if they could tell her what doctor she could use to get medical marijuana. Her rheumatologist smiled when mom got there and asked about medical marijuana. She said she couldn’t bring up the subject, but since mom had, she would give her the name of an excellent doctor who could give her the information. A week later, mom was filing for the medical marijuana card and the doctor had already given her approval to the state.All she had to do was go on the state’s medical marijuana website and pay for the medical marijuana ID card. Her next step, once she got her card, was to go to the medical marijuana dispensary. Two months later, mom was still having difficulties, but she was walking better than she had in months.

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